care instructions

mounting artisan keycaps

to mount your artisan keycaps, gently press the keycap onto the switch stem. do not force the artisan keycap onto the switch stem if the artisan stem feels tight. soak the keycap in warm water for a few minutes, dry thoroughly and try again.

removing artisan keycaps

to remove your artisan keycap, use a keycap puller and wiggle gently until the keycap releases from the switch. 

cleaning artisan keycaps

should your keycaps get dirty, clean with mild soap in warm water with a gentle brush and dry with a soft cloth. 

storing artisan keycaps

keep artisan keycaps out of heat, direct sunlight and UV light to prevent loss of colour and yellowing of cured resin. 

please keep away from young children and pets. artisan keycaps can be a choking hazard.