frequently asked questions

what are your artisan keycaps made of?

our artisan keycaps are primarily made from epoxy resin but some specialty designs may include other materials such as polymer clay and glitter. 

how are artisan keycaps made?

our artisan keycap designs are originally sculpted using clay and then carefully casted with epoxy resin. each keycap is then sanded and tested before it goes home to you.

what switches are your keycaps compatible with?

our artisan keycaps are compatible with MX style switches.

what size are your keycaps?

our artisan keycaps are 1u cherry profile r1 (eg. esc key).

when does the store restock?

all store restocks will be announced on our instagram and we strive to restock at least once a month.

will sold out colourways return? 

unfortunately sold out colourways will not be returning to the store, however, similar colourways may be produced in the future.